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10 Best Online Resume Builder (Free and Paid)

With a resume builder, you can build a personalized professional resume that passes ATS, stands out to the hiring manager, and helps you land your next job interview.
Gone are the days of opening Microsoft Word and the confusion and difficulty of designing and writing a resume by using the best resume builder sites, you can really make a resume that stands out from the competition. Even better, you don’t need to spend any money to create a professional looking resume as there are plenty of great free templates that are similar to the ones successful applicants have used in the past.

There are plenty of excellent resume design sites available for free or at a fraction of the cost that make the process of creating a resume simple and easy, and they offer the best ways to help you introduce yourself and your information. Let’s get to know some of the best of these sites

What is the Best Online Resume Builder?

1. Zety

Zety is a career site fueled by some of the best career experts. Since 2016, Zety has helped millions of job seekers worldwide find employment. With a rapidly growing community of more than 40 million readers a year, Zety is arguably the world’s fastest growing career advice website.
Zety is powered by a team of 10 career experts featured in Forbes, the Financial Times, CareerBuilder, and Glassdoor, among others.
Zety has published more than 400 career guides. Each one required extensive research, consultation, and fact-checking.
From resume and interview advice to networking, our guides have been recognized by over 200 universities and organizations worldwide.

How It All Started:
Zety is the brainchild of three like-minded friends who set out on a mission to change the HR landscape forever.
Now, 100+ people strong, Zety started out as a local startup co-founded by three friends. With Kuba’s passion and vision, Pete’s expertise in HR, and Kacper’s coding mastery, the company grew to become an international brand.

2. Resume Genius

Resume Genius is the web’s premier resource for job seekers. If you’re on the job hunt and looking for tools and advice, you’ve come to the right place.

Resume Genius was founded in 2009 with the idea that the resume creation process could be automated and simplified. Since then, millions of people have built resumes using our software, many of whom have landed jobs in Fortune 500 companies. In addition to providing software, have become the web’s most comprehensive database of free resume and cover letter templates, job application examples by industry, and comprehensive writing guides, each of which is lovingly crafted by team of in-house career consultants and HR-specialists.

3. My Perfect Resume

Since 2013, MyPerfectResume has helped more than 15 million people worldwide create stronger resumes, navigate their job search, and achieve career fulfillment.

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you every step of the way, from using our tools to create a showstopping resume and cover letter to providing professional interview tips and career guidance.

MyPerfectResume provide to :

Resumes Made:
can help job seekers create a professional resume for any industry in minutes, and customize it to their liking.
Job How-To And Tip Articles:
Career Center features a multitude of advice on how to successfully navigate a career, from job searches to building networks to professional growth.
Cover Letters Created:
Every great resume needs a great cover letter by its side.

4. Standard Resume

Standard Resume is a web app that makes it easy to create PDF and web resumes. Import your LinkedIn profile and pick from hiring manager-approved templates. Easily share your resume as a PDF and responsive website.
This web is a small team of designers and developers with hiring experience at top companies like Dropbox. We collaborate with hiring managers from Slack, Apple, Capsule, and Uber to design resume templates that hiring managers and recruiters want to receive.
Standard Resume has helped create over 100,000 resumes and our monthly revenue is $3000.

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5. Live Career

LiveCareer provides you with the resources, knowledge and expert advice you need to land the job you want.

Over the past 15 years, the web helped more than 10 million job seekers build stronger resumes, discover their career paths, interview with confidence, and boost their chances of finding the right job faster.

With our world-class resume and cover letter builders, professional writing services, thousands of free articles, millions of job listings, and convenient mobile app, LiveCareer is here to help as you navigate your job search and manage your career.

15+Years in business
CEOs started with the idea of helping job seekers discover their ideal career paths through scientifically valid career tests. Quickly, they expanded to create their world-class Resume Builder, Cover Letter Builder, and other powerful job search tools that have made a difference for millions of job seekers.
10,000,000+Resumes created
they’ve made it easy for customers to build professional resumes for any industry and job title. Check out their library of Resume Examples written by their team of certified resume writers.
2,000,000+Cover Letters created
Cover letters are just as important as resumes, and their Cover Letter Builder does the work for you to make it easier than ever to make a great first impression. Want to write your own? Their Cover Letter Examples show you how.
180 Countries reached
they believe that great resumes should be available to anyone, regardless of where you are in your career, or where you are in the world. They have happy customers in 180 countries already — and they have plans to reach even more.
2,400+ Free articles
Their contributors have written thousands of articles on job search and career topics to help guide you through every stage of your career. From resume writing to interviewing to career advancement, their free library of articles and special reports teach you everything you need to know to understand today’s workforce and achieve professional success.

6. Resume Lab

At ResumeLab, they’re cracking the code for writing perfect resumes and cover letters. Plus, they’re giving you state-of-the art software to create beautiful, professional job application documents.
ResumeLab—the ultimate job-seekers’ resource:
1- Landing a job made quick and easy;
Each day they share free up-to-date tips on job hunting, and resume & cover letter writing. All of their career experts are members of The Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches. Their commentary and guidelines have been featured by Forbes, the Financial Times, CareerBuilder, and Glassdoor, among others. ResumeLab is the first choice of every job applicant, especially in the tech industry.
2 – World-class career advice—ResumeLab helps people around the world find their dream job:
ResumeLab is a fastest growing career advice website. They’ve published career guides for most popular professions based on extensive research, scientific data, and expert consultation. ResumeLab is the ultimate resource of resume and cover letter examples, ATS-friendly templates, career tips, and more.

7. Resume Now

Resume Now provide professional tools, expert advice and informative resources to help you get the job you want fast.
Get the job twice as fast:
From students or entry-level job seekers to experienced executives, our Resume Builder offers job seekers a fast and easy way to create a resume. With pre-written, industry-specific phrases and recruiter-approved templates, Resume-Now enables users to download a polished and professional resume in minutes.
Helping people get jobs since 2005:
Their goal is to help people get the job they want as quickly as possible. We provide text examples, expert tips and tools to assist their users in creating professional-quality resumes and cover letters instantly.

8. Wozber

Wozber is committed to helping people land their successful careers.
1 – Job seekers struggle to land job interviews because they don’t know how to write a well-performing resume.
2 – Applicant Tracking Systems are incorrectly rejecting talented candidates.
3 – Too many people end up working at the positions they don’t enjoy.
1 – Employing innovative tech to analyze the requirements of an employer and the needs of a job seeker.
2 – Integrating the best practices gathered from career experts and successful job seekers worldwide.
3 – Focusing on the resume content, its relevance and optimizations.
4 – Providing a clear way to present work experience and skills.

9. Resume Nerd

Resume Nerd have been creating career development tools and software since 2016
Their goal since inception has always been to help people get ahead in life by figuring out how to navigate the job search and job application process. Whether you’re a student or experienced executive, they have the tools to help you with every step of the job seeking journey.
Their Mission:
They strive to build the best-in-class job tools to help people succeed.
They help people to feel confident. To write and format their job search documents in the way that recruiters and hiring managers expect. To understand which jobs will consider them to be a good match, and to improve their match with the jobs that they want.
ResumeNerd Tools:
They innovate and build the best-in-class career tools that have helped millions of job seekers maximize their opportunities, and love nothing more than to delight our customers with a positive job search outcome.
They apply Artificial Intelligence to help people to find the right words to use on their documents, find the best matching job opportunities, and ultimately present the best version of themselves to employers so they can get the best opportunities and live their best lives.

10. Enhancv

Enhancv brings resumes that are all about you.
They build the world’s best resume builder. Their tool helps people highlight their achievements, attitude, and personality, so they can tell their story with confidence.
They purpos:

– That earning and keeping customer trust is the key to success.

– They stay curious for new opportunities, challenge theirselves and learn from mistakes.

– At Enhancv they speak candidly and treat their people respectfully.
How it began:
A Bulgarian startup was founded by 3 friends in 2014. By the end of 2015 a platform that delivers simple and delightful experience was launched and the first employee was hired.


The best resume builder for you will vary depending on your needs.

If you prefer a tool that guides you through the process of creating a resume, we recommend using a builder that provides tips and suggestions. If you prefer a resume builder that automatically creates a resume, we recommend a tool that pulls information from LinkedIn. If you prefer having creative freedom when building your resume, we recommend using a tool that includes customization options.

Choose the resume builder that meets your needs and fits your industry and personal style, and you’ll be well on your way to earning a second look from hiring managers.