10 Best Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)

Runtime Application Self-Protection RASP is a new security technology that enables organizations to stop hackers from trying to compromise corporate applications and data.RASP technology also has the ability to alert, protect and remediate security incidents based on severity.

What is the Best Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) ?


Appsealing is an open, flexible and secure on-premises infrastructure solutions. It is easy to use and allows you to protect mobile applications from hacking and illegal application modification with RASP security features at runtime.It features zero coding capabilities, attack vector threat analysis, real-time source code protection, application integrity protection, anti-debugging, network packet sniffing/spoofing tool detection and cheating tools.

Main functions of the software:

Strong Code Protection:Your source code files like DEX, SO, DLL are sealed and safe.

Real-time Monitoring Dashboard: With its powerful dashboard, you can control and monitor all incoming real-time threats.

Android and IOS support.

Patented Technology: This gives you complete control over the dashboard.

No performance impact: Your memory and CPU overhead is unaffected.

It also features dynamic pricing and unlimited free trials.

2. Dotfuscator

Dotfuscator is The #1 product for .NET Obfuscation and In-App Protection. preEmtive is the trusted global leader in desktop, mobile, cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) application protection tools.

This RASP software features :

Renaming : Dotfuscator uses a deeper obfuscation developed for Dotfuscator and patented by PreEmptive Solutions called Overload InductionTM.

Control flow: Dotfuscator uses advanced control flow obfuscation. In addition to adding code structure, Dotfuscator also works by breaking the code patterns that decompilers use to reconstruct source code.

String encryption: You can use Dotfuscator to hide user strings present in assemblies.

Tamber detection: Dotfuscator injects code to verify application integrity at runtime. If it detects tampering, it can close the app, trigger a random crash (to pretend the crash is the result of a tamper check), or take some other custom action.

The software also offers multiple Layers of Protection: Many Forms of Obfuscation (renaming, string encryption, control flow, and more) plus active runtime checks (tamper, debug, root, and more).


Liapp one of the Best Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) Software, Liapp is a powerful runtime application and security solution that makes it easy for you to focus on your business and helps you achieve great mobile service with robust hacker protection and convenient user-facing hacker reports.LIAPP provides a powerful RASP service that helps protect applications from real-time attacks.This defense enables the application to protect itself from modification or redistribution by potential hackers.

LIAPP provides powerful functions:

Source code protection:Protect the structure of the application by encrypting and obfuscating the source code.

ANTI-MANIPULATION: Detect and block any signs of counterfeiting or counterfeiting in the APP.

Memory protection: Protect important data by preventing access to the application’s storage while the application is running.

Game Engine Protection: Protect Cocos and Unity source code from leaks and hacks.

Anti-debugging: Prevent debug access while the application is running Dynamically analyze the application to protect important data.

Rooting Detection: Prevents safe application behavior on rooted devices.

Virtual Machine Detection: Scans virtual machines to protect the system from hackers and malware.

Hacking Tool Detection: Scan for malware to protect your app from hackers.

Set detection options in real time: Turn protection options on and off in real time to improve operational efficiency and align with user service policies.

It also features user hacking report, blocking the attempts to bypass security functions, the access of hacking users.


JSCRAMBLER’S unique approach integrates security controls into your source code and extends them to your application’s runtime, providing the most resilient client-side protection with negligible performance impact.

Use this software to:

Protect user data and improve compliance: Comply with regulations and manage third-party risk by preventing data breaches caused by code manipulation and client-side attacks.

Minimize attack risk: and gain full visibility and control over website clients to prevent automated abuse, Magecart web skimmer and software supply chain attacks.

Ensure Application Integrity: Secure all JavaScript and native code in web and mobile applications to ensure application integrity and prevent code tampering, application misuse, and reverse engineering.


With Waratek, you can automate the process of remediating vulnerable code both declaratively and imperatively. Waratek Secure performs checksum checking and instructs your application to ignore code and and Enable immutable control through policy that allows developers to move fast without fear of vulnerability regression.

The software can :

  • Eliminate the hassle of false positives and false negatives.
  • Reduce the risk of bugs returning after deployment.
  • Secure COTS on-premises or in private and public clouds.
  • Automatically fix code vulnerabilities.
  • Reduce the attack surface by securing the root of the target.
  • Reduce risk by automatically enforcing policies on every request.
  • Reduce the time it takes for security changes to take effect.
  • Define your rules once and apply them to any code you add in the future.
  • Immutable protection against vulnerability injection in CI/CD pipelines.
  • Apply security continuously, not just at a point in time.
  • Achieve 100% accuracy with no false positives or false negatives.

6. Zimperium Mobile App Protection Suite (MAPS)

Using Zimperium Mobile App Protection Suite (MAPS), devlopper can continuously identifies security and compliance risks, quickly isolates vulnerable code and recommends easy fixes, and integrates directly into existing development processes.

The software protects even when not connected to the network and enables real-time in-app security updates without releasing new versions

This tool consists of four solutions with a centralized dashboard for viewing threats and creating response strategies. It is the only unified platform that combines centralized visibility with comprehensive in-app protection, combining inside-out and outside-in security approaches to help organizations build and maintain secure mobile applications:

zScan: Find and resolve compliance, privacy, and security issues in the development process before applications are released.

zKeyBox: Protects sensitive data by securing encryption keys using white-box cryptography so they cannot be discovered, extracted or tampered with.

zShield: Hardens and secures applications with advanced obfuscation and anti-tampering capabilities to protect source code, intellectual property (IP), and data within applications.

zDefend: Mobile applications can identifythemselves and proactively protect themselves by performing actions on the end user’s device even when there is no network connection.


Armo one of the best Best Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) Software, Armo is a virtual control plane with inherent security and transparency, using patented technology and open source solutions, natively integrated with CI/CD pipelines and existing development tools, ensuring DevOps, DevSecOps and developers, every Kubernetes cluster, container and microservice both are born and remain secure all the time, from development to production, from configuration to runtime. Easily view, sort, and filter which vulnerabilities need to be patched first, identify new vulnerabilities affecting the K8s attack surface, and continuously scan containers’ registries and images.

It also provides user-friendly and easy-to-understand visual RBAC configuration diagrams, built-in queries for things you need to pay attention to in RBAC configurations, a user-friendly CLI interface, and flexible output formats and read-only permission-based APIs.

This tool allows you to easily integrate with your favorite pipeline tools, including Jenkins, CircleCI, Gitlab, Github workflows, Prometheus, Lens, Slack, and more.


APPDOME is a solution that protects, Secure™ certifies and monitors threats and attacks against android and iOS mobile applications directly within the DevOps CI/CD mobile pipeline.

You can instantly and effortlessly protect mobile applications and customers from mobile application security breaches, mobile fraud, mobile malware, scams and other attacks. Prove protection with fully integrated mobile threat and attack intelligence and finally use data to provide the protection you need most.

This tool provides you with:

Complete mobile application protection in one build system: It provides mobile developers and web security teams with a purpose-built mobile DevSecOps build system for orchestrating documentation and publishing, integrating mobile application protection into Android and iOS applications. As well as hacking, reverse engineering, data breaches, mobile fraud, mobile malware, mobile cheating and other attacks.

Certified Secure™ Mobile App Protection: you can enjoy true visibility, governance, and compliance control over Mobile AppSec, security clearance processes in DevOps CI/CD pipelines, and more.

Fully Integrated Mobile Security Operations Center: cyber security teams and developers have the ability to see attacks in real-time , make data-based decisions on which protections to deploy, and prove the value of in-app protections.


App shielding is a OneSpan Mobile Security app that suite proactively combats real-world threats of sophisticated malware with app shielding and (RASP) to efficiently detect and stop malicious activity before it takes hold, disrupting apps through integration with Jenkins, Gradle Application Delivery, and other popular tools for automating and accelerating the process of building, testing, and deploying applications.

The key features of this runtime application are :

Application Protection: Harden your applications against intrusion, tampering, reverse engineering, and malware.

Mobile App Security at Scale: Protect your apps from the latest mobile threats without compromising delivery frequency or speed.

Customer Experience: Allows you to serve more customers, even on jailbroken or rooted devices.

Compliance: Add robust privacy controls to help comply with regulations like PSD2, GDPR, and more.

DevSecOps: Automate application shielding by integrating with your development team’s favorite CI/CD tools.

However, It allows the app to securely operate even in potentially hostile environments, such as jailbroken or rooted iOS and Android devices and only deny service when necessary.


DexGuard offers the most comprehensive mobile app protection that allows you to secure your Android applications and SDKs with multiple layers of code hardening and RASP. With extensive Android application obfuscation and security logs, it provides obfuscation for classes, fields, arithmetic instructions, code virtualization, hiding API calls, and many additional security features.

Crucially, DexGuard’s protections are polymorphic, each app build has a different configuration of Android obfuscation, preventing attackers from reusing previous knowledge. It then automatically injects RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection) checks to prevent threat actors from tampering with the application at runtime, and injects root detection, certificate checks, hook detection, and more.

Additionally, DexGuard obfuscates every single one of these checks in order to prevent attackers from knowing where and how the application detected integrity violations.

Finally , DexGuard generates a protection report for each mobile application that contains its protections. This report validates and evaluates existing protections, ranks your application’s security configuration according to major risk categories, provides further recommendations to improve security effectiveness, and identifies potentially beneficial features that can be enabled.

What is Best Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) ?

what is rasp, and what is it meaning ? Runtime application self-protection is a security technology that uses runtime instrumentation to detect and block computer attacks by taking advantage of information from inside the running software. [Source Wikipedia]

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