10 Best Candidate Relationship Management Systems

Candidate Relationship Management Systems enable companies to manage and nurture their candidates. It results in a more efficient recruitment process and increases in top talent.

A recruitment CRM is a powerful tool for companies looking to streamline their hiring process. It strengthens relationships with potential hires. The software uses automated communication that is both timely and tailored to each candidate. This helps businesses keep candidates engaged and connected throughout the recruitment journey in a centralized location.

A Candidate Relationship Management Systems allows companies to oversee an applicant’s journey, from the initial application to the first day on the job. It encompasses every aspect of the recruitment process, from automated email nurturing to job offers to contract signing. A recruitment CRM ensures complete engagement and coverage of all recruitment bases.

1.Symphony Talent

Symphony Talent’s SmashFlyX unifies CRM, career site, talent mobility and programmatic advertising to help talent acquisition teams automate tasks for efficiency and empower interaction. With proprietary machine learning, SmashFlyX innately automates tasks that already should be, like rebudgeting advertising campaigns that hit their goal; sending follow-up nurture based on engagement and behavior; and auto-pipelining and sourcing.

Recruiters don’t need to decide to automate core tasks, they just already are, making teams more efficient from day one.


Phenom has a purpose of helping a billion people find the right job. Through AI-powered talent experiences, employers are using Phenom to hire employees faster, develop them to their full potential, and retain them longer.

The Phenom Intelligent Talent Experience platform seamlessly connects candidates, employees, recruiters, hiring managers, HR, and HRIS — empowering over 500 diverse and global enterprises with innovative products including Phenom Career Site, Chatbot, CMS, CRM, AI Scheduling, Video Assessments, Campaigns, University Recruiting, Talent Marketplace, Career Pathing, Gigs, Mentoring, and Referrals.


Jobvite is a Talent Acquisition Suite that takes a marketing-first approach to attract dream candidates, automatically screen for quality, engage employees invested in the future, and retain the people who care the most about the organization by combining AI and a human touch. Jobvite boasts serving thousands of customers across a wide range of industries including Ingram Micro, Schneider Electric, Premise Health, and

Jobvite is a tool that becomes highly visible in an organisation. All employees, hiring managers and recruiters get one common place to interact. It’s puts a lot of structure in place in a quite easy to use way and you will find yourself relying on the system for feedback and candidate communication. If you don’t have a ATS already and if you want to get started with something that becomes a highly used tool for the entire company it’s great. The tool integrates well with LinkedIn Recruiter and other platforms. It’s good at tracking where candidates comes from if your recruiters use the tool correctly.


TalentLyft is a complete recruitment software. It offers a range of features to help businesses find, attract, engage, and hire top candidates. The full stack recruitment software integrates an Applicant Tracking System, a Recruitment Marketing Platform, Sourcing, and a Talent CRM solution under one central platform. TalentLyft’s sourcing technology helps businesses to find high-quality candidates using features such as AI technology, employee referrals, social media recruitment, and integration with job boards. The recruitment marketing platform allows businesses to create an attractive career site in less than an hour with custom landing pages, event pages, and an online talent network. TalentLyft’s Talent CRM facilitates communication with candidates using tools such as email templates, automated campaigns, talent pool management, and candidate pipelines.

In order to streamline selection processes, the Applicant Tracking System automates workflows such as resume parsing and interview scheduling. TalentLyft offers advanced analytics to allows businesses to analyze and improve the entire hiring process from end to end, with users able to generate reports on metrics such as number of hires. Implementing TalentLyft takes under 2 weeks. Customer support is available 24/7 via email, in-app chat and phone.


Offering CRM technology for recruiting, Avature is a configurable enterprise SaaS platform for talent acquisition and talent management that drives innovation in the HCM software space. Founded by Dimitri Boylan, Avature empowers the HR strategies of enterprise-level organizations worldwide, including, according to Avature, 110 of the Fortune 500 and 28 of the Forbes Global 100.

Avature’s AI-powered solutions include sourcing, recruitment marketing, career sites, applicant tracking, video interviewing, campus and events recruiting, employee referral management, social onboarding, branded employee engagement and performance management, employee mobility and contingent workforce management. Avature delivers its services from its private cloud, located in data centers in the US, Europe and Asia, and has offices in Buenos Aires, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Munich, New York, Shenzhen and Paris.


Beamery’s mission is to put talent transformation at the heart of every business. Our Talent Operating System (TOS) lets companies attract, engage, and retain the best talent – it’s the one solution that enterprises need to deliver exceptional experiences at every stage of the talent journey, and build meaningful relationships with their future employees.

With Beamery, talent functions can drive strategic transformation, source and nurture potential high performers, optimize the complete talent experience, manage high-priority talent initiatives like DEI or internal mobility and identify the skills and capabilities they need to build the future of work.


The iCIMS Talent Cloud is a unified recruitment platform that aims to empower users at every stage of the talent continuum, allowing them to attract, engage, hire and advance the world’s best talent. With it, the vendor states users can build thriving, diverse teams at scale, align hiring needs with business needs, and meet the challenges of tomorrow with an agile, AI-powered platform designed to provide everything needed to build a winning workforce.


Yello is a cloud-based talent acquisition solution that helps businesses manage interview scheduling, video calling, candidate evaluations and more. Recruiters can screen applicants, schedule individual or multi-party interviews, send invitations/RSVPs, handle panel discussions and more on a centralized platform. Yello lets businesses utilize white-labeled screen and recording portals to pre-record videos, allowing candidates to self-schedule interviews at convenient dates and time. The event scheduling tool enables users to create email/text campaigns, set up pre-registration pages and automatically send personalized reminders to registered candidates.

Additionally, managers and leaders can gain insight into interview completion rates, interviewee evaluations, applicant sourcing and other recruiting operations. It facilitates integration with several third-party applicant tracking and recruitment solutions including ADP, Workday, Taleo and Kenexa. Pricing is available on request and support is extended via phone and other measures.


Bullhorn provides cloud-based CRM solutions for relationship-driven businesses. The solution offers automated data capture and customer insight technology to help companies win customers and keep them engaged.

Bullhorn’s CRM software is a web-based solution built for companies that need to closely manage and nurture prospect and customer relationships. Bullhorn’s CRM functionality can be used by many different types of organizations, from a consulting firm that needs relationship management insights and detailed lead/opportunity reporting to a PR agency that needs internal reporter management capabilities and greater visibility into pitch effectiveness. Mobile-ready and available in any browser, Bullhorn CRM offers users the flexibility to work anywhere, anytime and on any device. Bullhorn CRM also provides an open API upon which organizations can build and integrate business-critical tools and apps.


PCRecruiter is an ATS/CRM hybrid SaaS solution for recruiting and sourcing professionals in executive search agencies, contract placement firms, and HR teams across a wide array of sizes and markets. PCRecruiter offers a comprehensive, centralized solution for contact management, applicant flow, and data storage. It offers tools to manage hiring contacts and their organizations, positions, and candidate profiles, and associated activity logs.

Key features include virtually unlimited custom fields and forms, flexible lists for bulk-emailing and organizing, a customizable job board, and a drag-and-drop Pipeline to sort and move applicants seamlessly from one stage to the next, with automated notifications and record keeping.


Candidate experience is becoming a priority for recruitment and HR departments around the globe.

Whether your company is recruiting on-campus or at high-volume, one thing is for sure⁠—you need a system to organize and nurture every single candidate in your hiring funnel. With a recruitment CRM, a lot of the heavy lifting that comes with hiring like emailing and pre-qualification processes can be put on autopilot.

Treating candidates like customers and showing them you value them is something that a CRM can help you with. And the more your candidates are looked after, the better chance you have of attracting top performers to work at your company.