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10 Best Contract Analytics Software

Contract analysis software helps legal firms and businesses with certain aspects of contract data analysis, such as searching for key terms and understanding. They are language processing tools that use artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to aid businesses in understanding the substance and implications of contract language. These tools help companies avoid risks and mistakes they would have normally not come across on their own.

Contract analysis software has some overlap with contract management software, which refers to the automation of processes surrounding creating new contracts and storing/tracking existing contracts. Contract analysis, however, focuses more on breaking down and interpreting contract language and is specialized in avoiding risks. Both categories are part of the overall contract lifecycle management process (CLM), which is associated with organizing, managing, monitoring, analyzing, and automating contractual processes within an enterprise. Soo i give you 10 websites can help you in works .

What is the Best Contract Analytics Software?

1. Linksquares


LinkSquares one of Best Contract Analytics Software, offers true end-to-end CLM with powerfully intuitive solutions for pre-signature, e-signature, and post-signature, all built for today’s Legal teams and powered by AI.

LinkSquares offers a natively built e-signature tool, proprietary OCR, full-text search, contract templating and self-service drafting, custom reporting and notifications, version control, powerful integrations, and automatic extraction of 100+ critical contract dates, clauses, and terms.

LinkSquares manages the contracts of some of the world’s best companies, like ProPharma, Bottomline, Drift, DraftKings, Fitbit, Igloo, TGI Fridays, and Wayfair.

2. Lexion

Lexion one of the Best Contract Analytics Software, is a data extraction software designed to help legal teams store and organize contracts in a centralized repository. Administrators can automatically track critical obligations and receive notifications regarding key events.

The platform enables managers to create disclosure schedules for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) on a unified interface. Stakeholders can securely login via single sign-on (SSO) functionality and maintain backups of data. Lexion allows teams to protect data in accordance with AES 256-bit encryption and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance standards. Supervisors can also utilize AI-enabled tools to sort agreements and other documents on a centralized dashboard.

Legal professionals can visualize contract data and track progress against key performance indicators (KPIs). Lexion lets businesses store files in Google Drive, SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Operators can also link and share contracts including amendments, addendums, master agreements, and more via email.

3. Sirionlabs

SirionOne is the industry’s leading full-scale, AI-led CLM platform focused on helping enterprises to contract smarter. Bringing together category-leading innovation, unrivaled Contract Lifecycle Management expertise, and a deep commitment to customer success, SirionLabs helps the world’s leading enterprises to contract smarter. Powered by intelligence uniquely connected across the complete contract lifecycle, Sirion’s easy-to-use, highly configurable AI-led Smarter Contracting platform brings legal, procurement, sales, and business teams together across the enterprise to author stronger contracts, improve risk management and strengthen counter-party relationships.

4. Evisort

Evisort’s Contract Intelligence Platform is an end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management, Contract Analytics, and Central Contract Repository solution that protects, scales, and accelerates business. Evisort delivers rapid ROI in less than 30 days by centralizing contracts without migration or IT, using AI to track and search metadata and provisions without manual data entry, and enabling teams to draft, redline, approve, sign, report on, and renew contracts from a single source of truth.

Who Uses Evisort?In-house legal, sourcing & procurement, sales, finance, and IT departments at growing companies and global enterprises such as Microsoft, BNY Mellon, McKesson, and Keller Williams use Evisort.

5. Intelagree

IntelAgree is a contract management solution, which helps legal teams leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to draft, negotiate, track and approve contracts. The cloud-based platform lets supervisors configure access permissions for team members, export reports and validate agreements using electronic signatures.

IntelAgree automates approval workflows based on contract terms and types and lets managers route required information to staff members. The search functionality enables legal teams to retrieve contract details based on attributes including type, status and party name. Its dashboard allows administrators to track contract statuses, activities, workflows and trends by setting a specific date range. Additionally, professionals can utilize customizable templates to create contracts and receive reminders about renewals or deadlines.

IntelAgree integrates with several third-party systems such as Workday, Salesforce, Bullhorn, Workato and more. Pricing is available on request and support is extended via phone, email and other online measures.

6. MALBEK contract reimagined (CLM)

At Malbek, we understand that contract management can be messy, risky, and costly. Bad contract management results in an average annual revenue loss of 9%, and 71% of companies can’t find 10% or more of their contracts. Every team feels those poor results across an organization from Legal and Sales to Finance and Procurement. We take a different approach to contract management, addressing these pain points and helping you reduce inefficiency, expedite revenue, and increase compliance.

Malbek Contrax is a modern CLM designed to solve the contract management problems of today. With Malbek Contrax, you can:

– Search and find your contracts with a robust repository that is as easy as shopping online

– Leverage AI-infused insights and guidance to build more effective contracts

– Author and edit contracts with ease with familiar tools that you love like MS Word or online

– Track and approve contracts with mobile approvals and automated contract reminders

7. Conga Contract Intelligence (formerly Contract Wrangler)

Contract Wrangler is an AI-driven contract performance platform that maximizes revenue, controls spend and protects against risk. It autonomously captures complex contract data and transforms it into proactive alerts and tasks that keep you from ever missing an obligation or milestone. The platform provides full visibility into contract information, verifies every detail through qualified attorneys, and automatically distributes insights across your entire business for greater efficiency and scale.

8. Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper simple to use, powerful, AI driven cloud-based Contract Management solution. Centralise contracts for increased visibility, automate & standardise internal processes, monitor risk & manage workload. Enjoy unlimited users, unlimited integrated electronic signatures & automation tools, including patent-pending Touchless Contracts technology. Say goodbye to Excel & other outdated software solutions- say hello to powerful, cost effective CLM that integrates with your existing tech-stack.

9. Kira systems

Kira automatically identifies and extracts provisions from contracts, speeding contract review in due diligence and contract management. Kira Systems has a global presence with law firms, professional service firms, Fortune 1000 corporations, and financial services customers. This includes 4 of the 5 firms in the UKs Magic Circle, 5 of the 7 firms in Canadas Seven Sisters and more than a third of the Am Law 100.

10. Docusign insight

Docusign is Intelligently analyze agreements with AI. Drive smarter business decisions while uncovering risks and hidden opportunities with powerful contract analytics. DocuSign Insight uses a proven combination of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies—including natural language processing, machine learning and rules-based logic—to help find, filter and analyze agreements across your enterprise. Reveal revenue opportunities and potential profits hidden in your agreements. Empower business to happen faster, without compromising your risk profile. Protect business continuity and optimize your spend under management. Equip business systems with extracted contract data and analysis results. Ensure agreements and processes adhere to legal and business policies. Automate standardized compliance analysis and reporting.

In Conclusion

Choosing the best Contract Analytics Software is not a difficult task when you have all the details and requirements. Most of the above-mentioned Contract Analytics Software have impressive and user-friendly features.

Now, it is up to you which software you’d pick up that meets your requirements.

Consider the effectiveness and efficiency of each Contract Analytics Software, including the features and capabilities. You must also evaluate your objectives, required functions, and budget before choosing the right Contract Analytics Software .