Denticon Dental


Denticon is a cloud-based dental exercise management software evolved by Planet DDS. It is designed to streamline and optimize dental workplace workflows, helping dental practices control appointments, affected person facts, remedy plans, billing, and other administrative responsibilities more effectively.

Denticon Dental Features:

  • Scheduling: It lets in dental offices to control their appointment schedules, song patient visits, and send reminders to lessen no-indicates.
  • Patient Records: Denticon affords a centralized platform for storing and having access to patient data, consisting of medical history, remedy plans, X-rays, and notes.
  • Billing and Insurance Management: The software program enables with dealing with billing and insurance claims, facilitating the charge system for both sufferers and carriers.
  • Treatment Planning: Denticon assists dentists in developing and tracking remedy plans for his or her patients, making sure a complete method to dental care.
  • Reporting and Analytics: The software program may also provide numerous reviews and analytics to assist dental practices advantage insights into their performance and make statistics-driven decisions.



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