ShortlyAI is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, one of the world’s largest machine learning language models. It has been trained on a lot of text (nearly half a trillion words) to ‘learn’ how to write and predict your next words and sentences.

In ShortlyAI, when you click the “Write for me” button, the AI reads all of the text before the cursor, including the title and background information/article brief box. This is what it uses to predict your next words and sentences.

The best way to work with ShortlyAI is to think of the AI as your writing partner. You should work with the AI, and you will find yourself writing 10x faster/more than usual.

Start a sentence and let your AI complete your thought; use your AI to get ideas on what to write next when you are stuck, work with your partner for the best results. Sometimes command your partner to write about something more specific, you can do this by using the /instruct command!

We are using advanced AI in a way that no one else ever has – to extend your creativity, to write for you. Just click the button and the AI will continue writing for you.

Imagine having one of the greatest writers in the world helping you write, at the click of a button. That is what we are working towards and you can help support us on this mission.


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