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10 Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Business Tools

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have opened up countless new opportunities for every size business across the globe. AI is providing deep insights like never before, and it is helping turn many business processes more efficient. Whether you are a freelancer with a one-person business or in charge of multiple employees, and with every passing day, Artificial Intelligence(AI) is becoming an indispensable part for businesses.
Businesses have made continuous efforts to leverage the power of AI. With this increased demand for AI, various AI tools are now being developed and implemented in enterprises to make better use of data. Though there are many Artificial intelligence tools available, choosing the best one for your business is a challenge. Here, we have identified and summarized some of the best Artificial Intelligence.

What is the Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Business Tool ?

1. grammarly

Grammarly is on a mission to improve lives by improving communication. Grammarly’s writing assistance technology is used by 50,000 teams and 30 million people every day. Founded in 2009, Grammarly uses a combination of technological approaches and human expertise to offer unmatched, market-leading communication support to individuals and enterprises. Our AI-powered suggestions help people write with confidence and help businesses achieve better results by providing feedback on their writing, wherever it’s happening. Grammarly team members use advanced machine learning to break new ground in natural language processing that analyzes written sentences to understand context and tone. Grammarly Premium elevates communication for individual students and professionals, Grammarly Business drives organizations of all sizes to accelerate business results, and Grammarly for Developers empowers builders to enhance the communication experience for their end users.

We’re growing our values-driven team to support our expanding user base! Grammarly is one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential Companies, one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in AI, a member of the Forbes Cloud 100, and one of Inc.’s Best Workplaces. We operate with a remote-first hybrid work model, meaning we primarily work from home and meet for in-person collaboration at our hubs in San Francisco, Kyiv, New York, Vancouver, and Berlin, or in a workspace in Kraków, as conditions allow. Team members can work in the United States, Canada, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, and Portugal.

2. Zendesk

Zendesk started the customer experience revolution in 2007 by enabling any business around the world to take their customer service online. Today, Zendesk is the champion of great service everywhere for everyone, and powers billions of conversations, connecting more than 100,000 brands with hundreds of millions of customers over telephony, chat, email, messaging, social channels, communities, review sites and help centers. Zendesk products are built with love to be loved. The company was conceived in Copenhagen, Denmark, built and grown in California, taken public in New York City, and today employs more than 4,000 people across the world.

3. Gong

Gong unlocks reality to help people and companies reach their full potential.

The patented Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform™ empowers customer-facing teams to take advantage of their most valuable assets – customer interactions, which the Gong platform automatically captures and analyzes. Gong then delivers insights at scale, empowering revenue and go-to-market teams to determine the best actions for winning outcomes.

Thousands of innovative companies like Morningstar Inc., Paychex, LinkedIn, Shopify, Slack, SproutSocial, Twilio, and Zillow trust Gong to power their customer reality. Gong is a private company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Seconde definition: markets its solution to an audience of sales leaders and professionals. With analysis making it apparent that LinkedIn is the social channel where Gong’s potential buyers and customers are most active, the company has made this platform a focal point for building brand awareness and driving engagement. After finding some success using individual employees and executives as conduits for the brand’s messaging and content, the marketing team turned its attention toward leveling up the organic impact of its LinkedIn Page. “We set a goal of growing our followers to have more people more easily exposed to our content week after week,” explains Udi Ledergor, Vice President of Marketing.

4. Tamr

Tamr, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based startup that uses artificial intelligence to speed up data analytics workflows, today announced that it has closed an $18 million funding round from SBI Investment, Intage Open Innovation Fund, Samsung Ventures, Fenox Venture Capital, Alumni Ventures Group, and others. Proceeds will be used to expand Tamr’s sales and marketing efforts, CEO and cofounder Andy Palmer wrote in an email.

“This new financing underscores the strategic importance of that mission, as well as our ability to deliver for our customers,” Palmer said. “New strategic investors … see the potential for Tamr’s solutions in the Asian markets, and we expect them to be very helpful to as we expand our geographic footprint.”

5. Timehero

TimeHero is an automated task and project planner for teams. It automatically schedules work around meetings, events, and appointments, so you don’t need to spend time planning your day. Easily launch team-wide projects in seconds with TimeHero’s built-in workflow automation. Timelines, timesheets, and Gantt charts are instantly updated, so you know when things are at risk before they ever get behind. Sign up for TimeHero today and become a more productive team with less effort.

Timehero benefits:

Project Scheduling Templates

Instead of creating schedules from scratch every time, you can use TimeHero’s templates to produce them in a matter of seconds. With these, you can reduce your time spent on administration and increase your productivity for your project completion.

Smart Project Scheduling

With TimeHero, you can make sure that all your tasks and projects are right on track. The solution has a smart project scheduling tool that you can use to prioritize critical tasks to ensure that you and your team meet the imposed deadlines.

Automatic Timeline Shuffling

Whenever a new event comes up that affects the team’s schedules, TimeHero automatically rearranges tasks and their deadlines. As such, you can adjust your work pace accordingly and still be able to send your clients’ requirements to them on time.
Project Completion Forecast

How long would it take your team to finish projects in their current state? This and similar questions can be answered by TimeHero. The application has a forecasting tool that lets you see estimated completion times that lets you be aware of your team’s progress. Other than that, it lets you know which projects are at risk of not meeting the deadline so you can act on them before they become overdue.

6. Zenefits

The Zenefits People Platform brings everything HR into one radically simple, single app. Our platform is designed to be comprehensive without being overly complex. It puts benefits, payroll and HR access in the pockets and at the fingertips of employees. The Zenefits People Platform is where HR is done. Or it is a SaaS cloud-based human resources platform that helps more than 11,000 small and mid-sized companies empower their workforce, manage change and stay compliant. Zenefits’ People Platform delivers the most comprehensive, intuitive HR experience in the market. Its HR, Benefits, Payroll and Performance apps combine with advisory services and tightly integrated partner apps to radically simplify HR administration – reducing paperwork and complexity so companies can focus on starting, running and growing their businesses.

7. Intraspexion

Intraspexion uses a Deep Learning algorithm to act as an early warning system, alerting corporate counsel to internal litigation risks in near real time.

Intraspexion offers cutting-edge deep learning litigation prevention software. dtSearch provides its own document filters to parse a wide variety of data formats, and text retrieval to instantly search terabytes of data. Together, the companies announce new updates regarding the Intraspexion software with the embedded dtSearch Engine. The resulting Intraspexion product lets enterprise legal departments prevent potential lawsuits before they even start.

The release continues, “Intraspexion’s technology provides an ‘early warning system’ capable of flagging internal communications that can lead to litigation. Intraspexion has been listed in the inaugural publication of The Artificial Lawyer’s AL100 Legal Tech Directory (08-13-2018). In fact, in the AL100, Intraspexion was the only company listed in the category of Legal Risk. Intraspexion was also included in the inaugural list of The National Law Journal’s Legal AI Leaders (02-01-2018), as well as having been featured in many other legal publications.”

Intraspexion’s technology makes use of a Deep Learning Engine to figure out which correspondence may indicate a future litigation risk. The Deep Learning Engine is a form of Artificial Intelligence consisting of a machine learning multi-layer neural network that Intraspexion ‘trains’ to spot a specific category of potential litigation. Intraspexion’s initial litigation prevention target is employment discrimination lawsuits. ‘The amount of money saved by giving an enterprise the means to flag a potential employment discrimination matter before it turns into an actual lawsuit is staggering,’ says Nick Brestoff, Founder and CEO of Intraspexion.


Wingman AI Agents learn from, adapt to, and serve humans to enhance their productive and creative potential.

We are combining RL and DRL agents with semantic and relational reasoning components so that they can understand and respond to human goals and directives. Our mission is to bring the extraordinary research being produced by the AI research community into this new, human-directed space to create AI for the benefit of humanity.
Wingman helps you accelerate your revenue. It is an actionable conversation intelligence platform that unlocks insights from every sales interaction. Use Wingman to record your calls, review deals, scale coaching and build a repeatable sales machine.

Sales teams at Vendasta, Chargebee, Partsbase, Properly Homes, Oktopost and more trust Wingman to accelerate their revenue.

Wingman is the best software for multiple categories, including:

– Momentum leader

– Best est. ROI

– Easiest admin

– Fastest implementation

– Products users love

9. Recotap

Recotap is a next-generation AI-powered ABM Platform that helps B2B Marketers run Targeted and Personalised Account-Based engagement campaigns, at scale.

Recotap is best suited for growing startups and enterprises who are seeking to better their marketing performance. With Recotap Account-based Advertising solution reaches more decision-makers and stay engaged until they convert.

In another way Recotap is an Account-based Marketing (ABM) & Ad platform that helps B2B Marketing & Sales teams work together to precisely target qualified accounts, create more opportunities, and convert deals faster.

Recotap offers them the best tools and intelligence to focus their effort towards a handpicked list of high-value accounts and personalize the engagement with key decision-makers.

10. Clearbit

Clearbit helps companies create, capture, and convert demand from ideal customers — all from one powerful and flexible go-to-market platform.
Clearbit’s B2B marketing intelligence platform enables growth, marketing and revenue operations teams to apply data-driven, real-time intelligence to their digital funnel. Today over 1,500 customers worldwide in a broad range of industries, including Segment, Asana, and Atlassian, use Clearbit’s platform to maximize acquisition, conversion and operational efficiency. Backed by Zetta Venture Partners, Bedrock Capital, and First Round Capital, Clearbit is based in San Francisco
Instantly identifies website visitors to enable content personalization, tailored sales engagement, action alerts and more. With the combination of Clearbit’s newly enhanced Enrichment data and Clearbit Reveal, teams can:

– Identify “hidden pipeline” on their website, even before a form is filled

– Instantly alert sales teams when VIP prospects land on the site

– Use engaged web visitor information to improve B2B ad targeting

– Sync visitor activity back to CRM and marketing automation platforms


The options for AI tools are vast and can be customized to meet specific business requirements. However, it is important for organizations to weigh the pros and cons of AI tools, considering factors such as costs, technical expertise, job loss, and ethical considerations.