Dexis Dental


Dexis Dental gives imaging software program for dental practices. Their imaging software program, referred to as Dexis Imaging Software, offers diagnostic and remedy making plans competencies for diverse dental techniques consisting of intraoral x-rays, pix, intraoral scanning, 3D imaging, and implant making plans.

The software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with maximum commonplace tactics being finished in only some clicks. Dexis Imaging Software also gives functions like the "One-Click Full-Mouth Series," which reduces the time required for a full-mouth x-ray manner from 25 mins to just 5 minutes.

Dexis Dental additionally offers different software solutions, along with DTX Studio™ Clinic, which brings together 2D, three-D, intraoral scans, and images into one platform for enhanced treatment visualization and case reputation. Additionally, they provide software platforms like CLINIVIEW™ for everyday image acquisition, processing, diagnostics, and treatment making plans.


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