Ez-2000 Dental


Ez-2000 Dental software program is a practice control answer designed for dental places of work to streamline their daily operations. It offers a range of features, such as billing, eClaims, photograph teeth charting, appointment scheduling, and affected person ledger control.

One of the key benefits of Ez-2000 Dental software program is its ease of use and affordability. It is designed to be consumer-pleasant and short to installation, making it suitable for dental places of work of all sizes and workflows.

Ez-2000 Dental software has been in operation on account that 1985 and is utilized by heaps of dentists nationwide. It goals to provide an included solution that combines exercise management functionalities with virtual dentistry technology. This consists of features like digital imaging and integration with virtual X-rays, e-claims, and e-prescriptions.

The software program additionally offers various different functions along with shade-coded appointment scheduling, multiple room and issuer management, and a fully featured affected person ledger. Additionally, it’s far built at the Microsoft .NET Framework and uses a Modern MySQL Database for green overall performance.

Overall, Ez-2000 Dental software program strives to offer dentists an smooth-to-use and low cost solution that integrates exercise management with virtual dental generation to beautify productivity and performance.



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