Meet Lyro

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Freshly-launched conversational AI chatbot developed by Tidio


Today, everything is about artificial intelligence. It drastically improves our lives in multiple spheres. One of them is customer service.

There are so many customer service chatbots appearing every day that it’s easy to get lost. Here, we want to introduce you to one of them that definitely deserves recognition for its impressive features and results. 

Meet Lyro 

Lyro is a freshly-launched conversational AI chatbot developed by Tidio. The tool is created with small and medium businesses in mind. It’s a powerful software that does wonders for customer service, while being affordable even to micro businesses. Lyro comes with a freemium version and has customizable pricing options, starting from $349 per month.

Why is it so unique?

Quality AI-powered customer service tools are very expensive. Moreover, they are often targeted at huge corporations and enterprise businesses who can definitely afford them. Tidio wanted to change this and make AI-driven customer service available to all, even 1-person new businesses.


Why are the features Lyro offers so unique? And how exactly can it help your business grow?

Read on to find out. 

Lyro features: overview


One click activation

Lyro’s setup process is refreshingly simple. The moment you click the “activate” button, it starts operating and engaging with customers while gaining insights from each interaction. 

It promptly addresses visitors using the information in your existing knowledge base, sparing you the effort of training the chatbot and writing endless conversation templates.

 The result ? 

A smooth AI-powered customer service right from the start.

FAQ scraping

Lyro operates with an automated system that extracts information from your FAQs and knowledge base sections, using this data to create conversational responses. When a customer’s question aligns with the scraped information, Lyro promptly provides an answer. However, if the query goes beyond the available data, Lyro redirects the request to a human agent.

This approach is crucial to avoid AI hallucinations, ensuring that the bot doesn’t generate misleading answers. Over time, as Lyro interacts with more customers, it learns to become more conversational and to find relevant responses before involving a support agent. 

Intent analytics

Having this capability is crucial for effective request prioritization. Lyro learns to understand the sentiment and intent of customers through specific keywords and triggers. 

Intent Analytics plays a significant role in task prioritization, allowing you to assign relevant agents and understand the conversation topics without reading each interaction. 

Moreover, this feature enhances customer engagement and satisfaction while optimizing your support team’s time with maximum efficiency. By dividing conversation topics among agents and departments, you achieve precision and quality in responding to inquiries. 

Scalable learning

Lyro possesses the ability to continually learn and assimilate new information without any manual effort on your side. As your knowledge base expands and Lyro interacts with more customers, it automatically adapts and creates new automated workflows, eliminating the need for extensive training on new products and services.


The key distinction between Lyro and regular chatbots lies in its technology. Unlike conventional bots that rely on pre-designed conversational paths and templates, Lyro utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand questions and engage in human-like conversations. It can ask follow-up questions and interact with customers until their inquiries are fully addressed. This adaptive and responsive nature allows Lyro to provide a more personalized and interactive experience to users.

Popular topics identification

Lyro is able to automatically identify, classify, and redirect popular topics and queries. It helps to understand the intent and context of each conversation and highlight questions that should be potentially redirected to the responsible support agent. 

This way, your support agents and Lyro always work together in a balanced way and with one goal in mind: offering stellar customer support. 

Main takeaways

As you can see, Lyro can do a lot for your business. It’s a safe and secure tool and makes sure all your customers are taken care of. Using the power of AI and NLP, it is available 24/7, in multiple languages, from anywhere in the world. It’s conversational and engaging, offering fast and straightforward responses without giving away that it’s a robot. Features like scraping FAQs, One-click activation, Intent analytics, Scalable learning, and Identifying popular topics make is a unique tool full of potential. 

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