10 Best Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)

SOAR tools can be used for many security operations tasks, including: – To document and implement processes. – To support security incident management. – To apply machine-based assistance to human security analysts and operators. To better operationalize the use of threat intelligence. Workflows can be orchestrated via integrations with other technologies, and automated to achieve desired outcomes — example use cases include: – Incident triage. – Incident response. – Threat intelligence (TI) acquisition curation and management.

Are you looking for the best Security Orchestration and Automation (SOAR) software? We’ve got you covered. We’ve put some of the top SOAR tools to the test to help you find which solutions are best for you. Let’s dive in. Here is our list of the Best Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) Software :

1. Cortex

Cortex is a cloud-based social media marketing platform designed to help businesses improve return on investments (ROI) and streamline engagement processes using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The platform enables marketers to create a custom content calendar for upcoming months and automatically update information for scheduling posts. Machine learning functionality in Cortex analyzes user engagement patterns across competitors and brands to let marketers predict consumers’ reactions on images, videos and texts. Additionally, its optimization module allows users to automate the entire marketing process and plan, create, schedule and streamline posts across various social media platforms using ad recommendations.

Cortex integrates with various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Its pricing is available on request and support is extended via knowledgebase and other online measures.

2. Tines

Tines One of the Best Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response Software, is a security automation platform that helps security teams to automate any manual tasks. This helps you to carry out your tasks and assignments in an efficient way. It is an advanced SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) platform that automates almost anything including even the most complex and intricate workflows. With Tines, you no longer need to go through thousands of complicated steps while working on projects, as the app enables you to do so within minutes without writing a single line of code. The app comes with a direct integration feature that allows you to perfectly integrate with any tool, process or platform that’s in your tech stack, without requiring any plugins, apps, applets or modules. You can synchronise your instances with Tines Cloud and deploy them on-premise in real-time within your own enterprise Docker infrastructure in minutes. With the Tines REST API, you can read and archive all your valuable event data securely. You can also manage agent configuration systems and export all your automation stories and diagrams. Tines allows you to secure your data with a mandatory multi-factor authentication process. You can also have granular control over data storage and retention as it allows you to choose from 8 different global locations for securing your precious information.


Swimlane is the leader in cloud-scale, low-code security automation. Supporting use cases beyond SOAR, Swimlane improves the ease with which security teams can overcome process and data fatigue, as well as chronic staffing shortages. Swimlane unlocks the potential of automation beyond the SOC by delivering a low-code platform that serves as the system of record for the entire security organization and enables anyone within the organization to contribute their knowledge and expertise to the protection of the organization.

4. LogSign

LogSign one of the Best Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response Software, LogSign delivers Enterprise-Grade, Unified, Next-Gen Security Information, and Event Management platforms. One of the fastest and easiest platforms to use, Threat Intelligence, UEBA, Automation, and Orchestration capabilities are embedded in this next-gen platform; we call it the Unified Detection and Response platform. Gartner has recognized Logsign in SIEM magic Quadrant 2021 and Forrester recognized Logsign in Security Analytics Landscape Q3, 2022 reports. With over ten years of experience, Logsign operates in EMEA and APAC regions, with 500+ customers.

– Easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use SIEM for all sizes of enterprises. – Enterprise-grade scalability, high availability – Cluster SIEM, big data infrastructure.  – On-premise solution. – 500+ predefined integrations and free plugin service. – Collects & stores high volumes of data. – Threat hunting, fast search & investigation, advanced behavior analysis, IOC detection. – Threat Intelligence and UEBA embedded. – Real-time detection & prevention, wide correlation library based on Mitre Att&ck framework.  – Real-time monitoring, predefined dashboards & reports, meeting Compliance Requirements (PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOX, and more).

– Automated notifications, automated Incident response – Incident Cycle Management – Multiple pricing options without capacity or log source limit, feature-based pricing.


SIRP is a Risk-based Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform that fuses essential cybersecurity information to enable a unified cyber response. Through a single integrated platform, it drives security visibility, so decisions can be better prioritised and response time is dramatically reduced. With SIRP, the entire cybersecurity function works as a single, cohesive unit. SIRP combines security orchestration, playbook automation and case management capabilities to integrate your team, processes and tools together. SIRP makes security data instantly actionable, provides valuable intelligence and context, and enables adaptive response to complex cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

6. D3 security

D3 SOAR is a platform with a fully embedded MITRE ATT&CK Module, D3 Security helps SOC teams become Threat Hunters with streamlined workflows and $$$,$$$ in cost savings per year. With D3 SOAR, you can unify teams across borders and job functions: Easily manage all Incidents and Cases, collaborate on complex security and legal investigations, conduct post-incident analyses, derive actionable analytics, and automatically report on progress to continually improve your security posture.

7. Chronicle


Chronicle’s cloud-native security, orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) product empowers security teams to respond to cyber threats in minutes – not hours or days. Chronicle SOAR fuses a unique threat-centric approach, powerful yet simple playbook automation, and context-rich investigation to free up valuable time and ensure every security team member is informed, productive and effective.

8. Shuffle

Source :

Shuffle is an open source automation platform for security professionals (SOAR).

What do you like best about Shuffle?

Very easy to use. The best feature is its integration. The online version helps a lot to integrate different apps.

What do you dislike about Shuffle?

There are no errors or issues that I can find. Everything, including the apps and documentation, has been updated. More generic workflows can serve as a template for users to create new workflows.

What problems is Shuffle solving and how is that benefiting you?

Open source, free to use and develop. Built workflows to help our daily tasks easily. Easy to integrate ticketing software with email apps or communications apps like discord, teams, or slack.

9. CyberBit

Single pane of glass for detection, orchestration, automation and simulation across IT OT and IoT.

What do you like best about Cyberbit?

Used this system previously, and it was one of the best software for cybersecurity! It was easy to use, and I could rely on this system if any fraud occurred. It worked very well with other software I had in place as well.

10. Servicenow (SecOps)

Servicenow you can set the priority and urgency of your incident so that the IT team knows the importance of the problem. You can attach screenshots of errors or Excel files for ASAP troubleshooting.

The software is highly configurable and has an attractive user interface (UI). Out-of-the-box workflows and configuration item relationships with software as a service are very helpful to the end customer. The low-code, no-code strategy is one of the best parts. You can seamlessly integrate Okta, which is for single sign-on, JIRA, which is for project management, SAP automation, Oracle, Adobe, and other Windows applications. The platform is easy to use and most importantly, it provides excellent reporting and ticket management capabilities.


Can SIEM replace SOAR?Don’t see SIEM and SOAR as rivals. Rather, SOAR is a coordination method, while SIEM is a data processing and analysis tool. The ideal play-off between the two is a merger rather than a competition. You want your SIEM to have SOAR capabilities so that it can react to detected threats automatically by invoking the services of tools that you already have installed on your network.