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10 Best Sales Compensation Management Software

Are you looking for the Best Sales Compensation Software ? If yes, you are in right plac, we have listed in this article 10 of the top rated sales compensation software that automates the accounting and administration of commissions and incentive plans based on several customizable rules such as employee role, tenure, or sale type. 

What is the best Best Sales Compensation Management Software ?

1. CaptivateIQ


CaptivateIQ is commission tracking software that helps companies turn their largest sales expense into a business driver, Get commissions right with the only platform designed to help you adapt, innovate, & scale.

Incentive compensation is one of the most powerful hidden forces that can impact your business’s trajectory. But effective commission plans are complex to manage, and far from one-size-fits-all.

CaptivateIQ empowers organizations to build the right commission plans for fast-changing business goals. Balancing flexibility to support any plan component, with usability to own the system and adjust commission strategies over time.

CaptivateIQ is one of the Best Sales Compensation Software it, gives customers the system and insights to build and iterate compensation plans with confidence.


Spiff is the leading sales commission software and commission tracker automating manual commission calculations and motivating sales teams. Spiff is a new class of commission software designed for high-growth and enterprise organizations.

Spiff has everything you need to manage commissions in one single platform. This streamlines workflows, enables easier communication, and instills a high level of trust across all stakeholders. With Spiff you’ll watch your commission programs thrive and your teams exceed their goals.

Here’s a few reasons why organizations choose Spiff: Trust, Real-time visibility and transparency, Automation, Scalability

3. Varicent 

Varicent listed one of the Best Sales Compensation Software, it enables companies to drive high performance and maximize revenue by providing vital data, insights.


  • Varicent Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) allows for a friction-free incentive compensation process, enables you to adapt strategy to stay in step with the market, and provides actionable insights to outdo past performance
  • Create the foundation of your go-to-market strategy with Varicent Sales Planning. Assess and prioritize opportunity potential, expand market coverage, and accelerate response to change.
  • Improve sales execution and go-to-market efficiencies with predictive insights. Cut the manual toil, data silos, and information overload to uncover the answers to your most important revenue questions.

4. Everstage

everstage Sales Compensation Software

Everstage is a modern, no-code platform to automate commissions and motivate sales teams with real-time visibility and insights on their commissions.

The Everstage Advantage:

  • ON-DEMAND PERFORMANCE INSIGHTS: Help your reps monitor their progress towards quota and earnings in commissions with detailed statements and proactive notifications on Slack, Teams and email.
  • FORECASTING: With Crystal, a powerful commission forecasting module, reps will be able to visualize their future payouts even before they close a deal in their pipeline.
  • INCENTIVE PLANS: Configure custom incentive plans from scratch, simulate before launch and track them: all without any specialized IT skills.
  • INTEGRATIONS: Sync your sales tech stack with Everstage through native integrations to effortlessly centralize and manage all your commissions data.

5. Performio

Performio is enterprise-grade incentive compensation management software that’s easy to use and gets you up and running in weeks.

With extensive data transformation capabilities, and a complete library of no-code pre-built comp plan components, Performio adapts to your needs, not the other way around. 

Whether you have dozens of transactions per period and calculate once a month or millions of records that require daily calculations, Performio can handle it all – and have the happy customers to back it up.

Performio was built by sales comp experts for sales comp professionals. 15+ years of deep sales comp experience across hundreds of customers in dozens of industries has resulted in a product that strikes the perfect balance of flexibility and ease of use. Performio rich library of plan components makes building comp plans easy, and the no-code visual editor handles all your necessary data transformations in one place. Paired with fast implementations and white-glove service, you’ll be up and running quickly with the added peace of mind that we have your back. Performio truly stands apart from every other sales commission software. 

6. Quotapath

With QuotaPath, you can choose the right compensation plan, automate commissions, and pay your team accurately. Motivate your reps, avoid costly errors, and build trust and transparency.

Trust data cleanliness by syncing your CRM to QuotaPath, and streamline your commission processes by using the admin controls, deal flagging, and compensation plan verification features.

QuotaPath provides your teams and leadership with real-time insights into their forecasted revenue and earnings.

7. Qobra

Qobra is one of the Best Sales Compensation Software, Give real-time visibility to your reps so that they feel better motivated, reach targets and bring in top line revenue.

Commissions in spreadsheets lead to errors. Errors lead to mistrust. Mistrust leads to sales force churn. Don’t let this happen.

Assess the effectiveness of your sales compensation plan and improve it, to better align sales behavior with your go-to-market strategy.

8. SAP Commissions

SAP Commissions: Motivate sales, shape behavior, and increase revenue with incentive compensation management software. Increase the effectiveness of sales teams with strategic incentive compensation management that drives profitable behaviors and grows revenue.

Create, optimize, and deliver incentive compensation plans at scale with the SAP Commissions solution. You can shape behaviors to increase profits while gaining the transparency to maximize commissions ROI and eliminate errors.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Comprehensive incentive compensation management
  • Real-time payment and performance insight
  • One-click traceability, enabling rapid resolution of inquiries

Key Capabilities:

  • Comprehensive incentive compensation management
  • Real-time payment and performance insight
  • AI recommendations and plan optimization

9. QCommission

QCommission is a powerful, flexible sales commission software. It calculates your sales people’s compensation accurately and reduces errors related to spreadsheets and manual methods. It allows you to calculate commissions as soon as the commission period is over and saves a lot of time. It can communicate calculated commissions in a detailed and clear manner.

QCommission allows the compensation administrator to establish payees, products, customers, plans, incentives, quotas, payment frequency, etc in the system. It allows the establishment of crediting and calculation rules for various incentives. It helps to enter or import performance transaction into the system and calculate incentives as frequently as necessary.

Performance transactions can be processed, credited and calculated as frequently as necessary, even multiple times in a day. Adjustments to the transactions can be made and processed in the system.

Complete and comprehensive reporting ability allows the user to report on all the calculations in a very detailed form.

10. Xactly Incent

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Xactly Incent is designed to maximize your return with plan optimization, greater efficiencies, enhanced timeliness and
improved accuracy. Incent allows organizations to design, automate, and manage incentive compensation programs from
the simple to complex. And with seamless integrations, you can easily combine compensation data with CRM, ERP, HCM and
other critical business systems in your existing stack to give you a complete view.

Xactly Incent powers some of the world’s largest sales organizations to hit their revenue targets. It’s the only solution on the market with access to over 17 years of proprietary pay and performance data to help companies create the most impactful compensation plans for their teams.


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