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10 Best AI Fake Tweet Generator Tools

Are you tired of scrolling through your feed and seeing the same boring content? Spice things up with a fake Twitter post! These 10 free Best AI Fake Tweet Generator allow you to easily create hilarious or thought-provoking tweets with custom text, images, and user names.

Whether you’re looking to have a little fun or boost your social media marketing strategy, these tools have you covered.

There are people posting screenshots of tweets to various websites for social networking. Specific tools allow you to create these fake tweets using images.

What is the Best AI Fake Tweets Generator Tools?

These tools are referred to as Fake Tweet generator. It can generate authentic fake screenshots of tweets.

They allow you to create fake tweets by including an image of the profile picture for the individual, then tweeting the content, and even responding to the tweet if you’d like. Many people use these tools to create controversial tweets on social media.

1. AtOnce

AtOnce Best AI Fake Tweet Generator

AtOnce is the #1 AI Fake Tweet Generator and  AI Content Generator & CRM, and it can save you 90% of your time. It can help you make great content and answer emails 10x faster, allowing you to focus more on other important tasks. With AtOnce, you don’t have to worry about writer’s block, as it helps you get ideas and even first drafts in as little as two minutes.

AtOnce’s AI technology is also capable of creating high-quality, 100% original content that is SEO optimized and up to 7000 words. This allows you to increase your reach, as it can get you in front of 4.74 billion+ people using social media. Not only that, but it can also help you create captions, hashtags, and images, as well as write video outlines for YouTube and Tiktok.

If you’re into sales and marketing, AtOnce can also help you increase conversion rates by 34%+ on ads and product descriptions. It is trained on high-converting copy from 853,000+ ads, and can be used to write copywriting frameworks for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads. You can also use AtOnce to write Amazon product descriptions, Shopify product pages, and landing pages.

AtOnce can also save you 90% of your time on sales and marketing emails. From weekly newsletters to personalized sales emails, AtOnce can help you get more sales from your email list. It can also help you reply to messages, comments, and reviews in seconds.

Overall, AtOnce is helpful AI tool solution that can help you increase your content output and save you a lot of time. Whether you’re a marketer, agency, business, blogger, or freelancer, AtOnce can help you make high-quality content faster, save time, and increase sales.

2.Tweet Hunter

Tweet Hunter Fake Tweet Generator

Tweet Hunter one of the Best AI Fake Tweet Generator, it is an all-in-one tool to help you grow on Twitter. The tool makes it as simple as possible for you to produce high-performing content, develop an audience for your areas of specialization, as well as to monetize your audience.

You can use the program to build your Twitter account at any stage. Whether it’s to improve your tweets and threads, broaden your audience, raise your brand’s return on investment, or simply engage with others. Tweet Hunter offers a cutting-edge, Twitter-specific AI engine in addition to other unique features that are updated and added to each week.

Thus, Tweet Hunter is more than just another automatic Twitter scheduler; it also functions as an analytics tool, a massive swipe file, an AI writer, and a CRM tool, all rolled into one.

3.  Tweet Generator

StoryLab is a software that can help you to create video scripts easily. It is 100% result-oriented and saves your time, money, and effort. You don’t need any creative ideas or design skills.

The StoryLab AI Script Generator allows you to generate 100% unique content for your videos without any hassle! You need to feed the main points of your mind and select a few options from their database (which contains hundreds of thousands of pre-written words) based on how long you want your final video script to be.

Then it will automatically generate an entire video script for you within seconds! If you’ve used a script generator before, you know that it’s a tool that takes information from you and creates a script. A StoryLab AI Script Generator is no different.

Once you enter the information required by the program, it will generate a unique story for you in any genre and language.

The quality of the resulting story depends on how much effort and time you put into creating your characters’ backstories. If you want to make sure that your character’s motivations are clear and well thought out, then take some time with this step!

Keep in mind that every character needs at least one strong motivation or goal to work towards–if they don’t have one, then they’ll probably be bland or forgettable (at best).

4. TweetyAI


Tweet generator, as the name reflects, is a tool that creates Twitter tweets. Sounds thrilling, right? Yeah, with the power of AI, tweet generator create compelling tweets on the topic you ask for.

The tweets can be about your personal life, professional life, thoughts on a particular issue, or can even be promotional tweets. If you ask for promotional tweets, superior tweet generator can output conversion-friendly tweets in return.

Even though the working procedures of tweet generator vary from one another, fundamentally they are simple and hassle-free. Typically, you have to input a Twitter description to a Tweet generator on the topic you want it to generate tweets. For example, a description can be “WordPress is dominating the CMS market.”

Then, you have to generate tweets by clicking the “Generate” or a similar button on the tool. With that, a number of tweet ideas will show up, generated by an AI tweet generator. You can keep generating tweets until you find the best and perfect tweet for your Twitter handle.

Finally, you can copy the tweet to your clipboard or click the tweet to open Twitter and post the Twitter right away.

5. Pally


Pallyy is a social media planner that works with a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. Pallyy, on the other hand, works well with Instagram.

You might even argue that Instagram is its primary emphasis. After all, Share My Insights was the first application that focused only on Instagram statistics.

Aside from statistics, it also includes the following Instagram-specific features: a bespoke reporting dashboard, competition tracking, hashtag research, comment management, and a bio link tool.

6. nichesss tools

nichesss tools

The next AI tweet generator that I have on my list is Nichess. It’s one of the simplest and easiest tweet generators available out there. All you have to do is pick a topic and input it. The rest of the job Nichess will execute seamlessly.

Nichess has been trained with a wide range of topics, so you can pick any topic of your choice. Nichess is able to analyze any topic and output relevant and engaging tweets.

As Nichess is well-trained with scads of topics, anyone regardless of background can take advantage of it. All they have to do is input simple topics, as opposed to complex ones. And Nichess will bring out the results they would expect.



Tweetgen Number 07 in our Best AI Fake Tweet Generator  List that lets you create a photo of a fake tweet and a reply chain. You can also create snapshot-like someone has blocked you or an account has been suspended. The company keeps updating the platform as per changes on Twitter.

Not just text tweets, you can also add a photo to the tweet content. If the profile is verified, you can enable the verified badge. Just like on Twitter, the tool also lets you add a fact-check warning. This tool also lets you select a background color because Twitter also supports dark mode. In the reply chain, you can add up to 8 Tweets at once.

So, everything has been converted. You can use Tweetgen’s fake tweet generator to create any kind of fake tweet.

8. Code Beautify

Code Beautify

This is also a similar online Fake Tweet Generator where you can create fake tweet photos. This online tool lets you add Name, Username, Text, profile photo, Source of Tweet (For example, Twitter of iPhone), Like count, Retweets count, and Reply count.

This online tool lets you select the theme and tweet size. For example, if you want to share a fake tweet on Instagram, select Instagram Post size.

9. Zeoob


zeoob is one of the best fake tweet generators available on the internet today. You can easily customize your tweets as per your requirements and generate cool as well as funky usernames.

This site not only lets the users generate tweets but also helps them to keep their identity secure. They can create a fake account and post random tweets without fearing. Moreover, this tool lets users insert images of their choices

10. Simitator

Simitator  Best AI Tweet is one of the websites which provide an easy method to create fake twitter tweets. Similar to the fake tweet generators tools as enlisted above this online tool lets you prank on your friends and fool them by creating some believable fake tweets.

On all you need to do is:

  1. Select a profile picture
  2. Choose a name
  3. Type your desired message
  4. Enter date
  5. Decide following yes or no
  6. Then go on filling the embed text, retweet text, reply tweet, favourite text, more text. After completing the above procedures, you can download your fake tweet in the form of jpeg format or for better quality you can take a screenshot of it.


Using these AI twitter generators, you can easily generate tweet copy, develop catchy Twitter handles and find trending topics to share on your Twitter account.

You can also use these tools for a few months until you create tweets that geet engagement on your own. Ultimately, it depends on how much value you see in using AI tweet generators for your personal or business Twitter account.