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10 Best AI Sales Assistant Software

Sales assistant software is a virtual sales software that is subject to artificial intelligence in detail AI sales assistants, also referred to as AI virtual sales assistants, are tools that assist sales representatives by automating tasks and processes via embedded artificial intelligence. AI sales assistants are most commonly leveraged by sales and marketing teams to automate routine tasks and free up time to handle more complex and involved responsibilities. 

What is the Best AI Sales Assistant Software?

in this article, we will present the best sites that help marketers and managers manage their sales in the best way


Zoominfo is the modern go-to-market platform for B2B companies. We have the biggest, most accurate, and most frequently refreshed database of insights, intelligence, and purchasing intent data about companies and contacts. We layer additional tools on top of that intelligence—such as conversation intelligence (Chorus), sales engagement (Engage), and data orchestration (RingLead)—to help you engage with prospects and customers. By integrating all of these tools with the other key systems you use, your go-to-market teams will be more prepared and well equipped to close more deals and hit their number ; It has more than 100 million records of professionals from all industries, including executives, managers, technicians, engineers, salespeople and many others.

Zoominfo allows users to search for information about these individuals by name or company name. The service also provides insights into company culture and hiring trends in different industries.


Clari’s Revenue Platform automatically gathers data from across your entire organization—everything from emails and meetings to outbound marketing and conversations. Then we apply AI to synthesize that data into real-time status and actionable insights. The result? Superior alignment and execution that generate predictable revenue, quarter after quarter, year after year.

An editorial calendar that allows you to publish your content in one place and share it with your team members ; Using actual deal data, Clari continuously and automatically rolls up forecasts across every rep, region, overlay, channel, and product line. You get the confidence to make smart, strategic decisions. And the ability to share pinpoint predictions with shareholders and stakeholders alike. Simply put, Clari forecasting is the most accurate in the world.Hundreds of thousands of revenue professionals at leading companies, including Okta, Adobe, Workday, Zoom, and Finastra use Clari to make their revenue process more connected, efficient, and predictable.



Scratchpad is the fastest experience for salespeople to do their work. Fewer clicks, less tabs, and no waiting for pages to load. It’s a workspace designed and built for sales, always connected to Salesforce.

Scratchpad is the pioneer and leader of the revenue team workspace, combining sales notes, spreadsheets, task managers, chat, notifications, collaboration, pipeline management, search, and process adherence in one delightful experience, connected to Salesforce. Revenue teams can be up and running in less than 30 seconds and immediately improve data hygiene, work faster, reduce tools, and get more out of their Salesforce investments. Scratchpad is loved by top performing sales teams at Autodesk, Cisco, Segment, Twilio, and more.


Dooly’s connected workspace makes it effortless to share critical deal information with the people and systems that need to know, so you can hit your revenue goals. Revenue teams worldwide — including Asana, BigCommerce, and Intercom — use Dooly to collaborate on a single platform that helps everyone become a top performer. Reclaim countless hours of sales time and sanity by using Dooly. Ready in 60 seconds. No setup or credit card required.

5. Drift


Drift is a purely virtual tool that helps consumers to get closer to profit in their sales ;and is a platform that covers the entire web experience. It’s not just a banner on a page. It’s a solution that allows us to more effectively intercept customers where they are and drive them into the right experience

Drift and the Conversational Marketing category to help fix what was wrong with traditional B2B marketing and sales. They created an experience centered around buyers, and have since grown Drift into a global company with 500+ employees and 5,000+ customers. Drift helps businesses connect with people at the right time, in the right place, with the right conversation. Using our AI-powered Conversation Cloud, businesses can personalize experiences that lead to more quality pipeline, revenue, and lifelong customers.

The enterprise revenue intelligence platform helps teams speed up complex enterprise sales cycles by engaging the right people in the right accounts.

We do it by helping teams clearly see who to engage within each account and exactly what to do to deliver the highest-yielding deals and blow out their numbers every single quarter

Using patented AI technology, it transforms business activity such as email, meetings, and contacts, into account and opportunity management solutions that increase sales rep productivity, accelerates revenue growth, and maximizes marketing ROI. Enterprises such as AppDynamics, DataRobot, Okta, and Zoom rely on to unlock growth.


Today’s prospects and customers expect a response to an inquiry within minutes, not hours. Conversica AI Assistants engage as soon as an inquiry is made and can respond in seconds. Prompt, personalized, and persistent engagement from an AI Assistant helps teams discover more revenue opportunities while increasing workforce capacity – supercharging your revenue teams to perform their best at a fraction of the cost.

Conversica’s AI-powered chatbots are designed to mimic human interactions with customers to increase conversion rates on websites. The chatbots can be programmed to answer common questions or lead a customer through a website’s shopping process with ease.


Troops is Software-at-your-Service, designed with humans in mind. It’s a revenue communications platform, a central nervous system for your go-to-market teams that delivers the right information to the right people at the right time.

Teams never miss a revenue signal, allowing them to take rapid action, share intelligence, and make better decisions. With Troops, humans become informed, intentional, and efficient. World-class brands like Slack, Twilio, DoorDash, Snap, Shopify, and Stripe improve forecast accuracy, organizational transparency, and win rates with Troops! It’s friendly: Troops delivers the revenue signals people need in the messaging apps that they love and feel comfortable using (Slack, Teams, SMS).

It’s (truly) codeless: Troops democratizes solution building, making it easy for anyone to build their own workflows to automate the signals they need so they can stop the tool toggling and data detective work. What used to take days now takes 5 minutes or less.

Anyone can build the signals they want to get. Anyone. It’s personal: Troops knows who you are across systems and delivers contextually relevant signals to you where and when you need them. It’s consumable: Troops sends bite-size, actionable pieces of data to aid, guide, and motivate the right behavior. No more scrolling through pages and screens of data.

It’s visible: Troops sends signals that put the conversation where your people are, improving visibility and transparency, and spurring collaboration around the things that matter most: your customers and prospects.

9.Introhive (b2b company ;solution )

B2B selling has never been more complex. A looming global recession, unprecedented fundraising, merger and acquisition activity, has left the markets unpredictable. People are changing jobs at unprecedented speed, and the great resignation has made it challenging to maintain relationships with buyers and champions. Introhive is an award-winning software company that helps large, complex, sales-focused B2B enterprises become more customer intelligent. Introhive’s customer intelligence cloud fills your CRM with real-time insights into people and companies to identify selling opportunities, win more new business, and grow existing customer accounts

Introhive is a company that provides a platform for content writers to get their work done in an easier and better way. They provide the writers with AI writing assistants that can help them generate ideas and content at scale.



Aviso AI is an integrated revenue platform that helps modern sales organizations and revenue teams close more deals, drive revenue growth, and mitigate risk through patented AI guidance. As the industry leader in AI-based revenue operations solutions, Aviso AI is the only player with the most comprehensive set of intelligent tools and solutions for sales, marketing, and customer success teams that uncovers the hidden revenue opportunity from each customer. The Aviso AI platform can be divided into six core pillars:

Predictive Forecasting ;Deal Intelligence ; Activity & RelationshipIntelligence ; Conversational Intelligence ;

GTM and Customer Collaboration ; CRM automation

the Aviso platform combines the best of human and artificial intelligence to guide selling. Companies like Honeywell, Dell, LaunchDarkly, Elastic, RingCentral, Microsoft GitHub, FireEye have all seen great results using Aviso, such as an average of 20% increase in deal win rates.