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10 Best Intelligent Virtual Assistants Software

An IVA is a software agent, also called IPA (intelligent personal assistant). An AI and machine learning-powered software, way different than chatbots that lack the ability to keep up with the information provided by the user in earlier messages and learn with experience.

What is the Best Intelligent Virtual Assistants Software?

In this list you’ll find detailes about a selection of the best IVA software available in the market.

1. automates front-office and back-office interactions for every industry by deploying conversational AI-first virtual assistants, helping companies deliver extraordinary experiences for their customers, agents, and employees on voice and digital channels.

Build Robust, Flexible and Fully-Functional Virtual Assistants. An enterprise-class, no-code builder helping customers build virtual assistants to automate conversational interactions via voice and digital channels.

– CONVERSATION DESIGNER: Most natural way to design and build conversations.

Conversation Designer is the simplest way to design a virtual assistant. Using the conversation designer you can:

Design and accurately capture complex business requirements and conversational use-cases.

Design the conversation by simply entering bot-user messages.

Comprehensively examine the various paths the conversation can possibly take.

Understand how different conversations are inter-linked.

– DIALOG BUILDER: Simple visual builder with drag-and-drop interface

The Virtual Assistant (VA) Builder provides fundamental building blocks to support the entire virtual assistant development life-cycle. You can now design, build, train, test and deploy fully functional virtual assistants using the Experience Optimization Platform. Augmented by the power of AI and superior NLP, VAs built on the Platform understand, predict and process what users are saying and respond accordingly with a far higher level of accuracy.

– NLP ENGINE: ML + 2 Engine for superior intent recognition

User’s conversations are non-linear and use different types of words, syntax and styles. An intelligent, well-trained, conversational virtual assistant can understand these nuances and identify the intent and context of the user’s request. The platform uses the following three innovative NLP engines to deliver the highest level of accuracy in processing user inputs:

Fundamental Meaning (FM) – Semantic rules and language context.

Machine Learning (ML) – Statistical modeling and neural networks.

Knowledge Graph (KG) – Ontological approach.

– CONTEXTUAL INTELLIGENCE: Human-Like Conversations with platform’s sophisticated capabilities

The platform enables customers to build sophisticated conversational capabilities by automatically handling digressions, interruptions, contextual intents and input corrections. It not only understands the context but can also personalize the experience based on the user profile, persona and past interactions. Contextual intelligence capability provides the ability to handle conversation interruptions with hold and resume behavior, multilevel sub intents, negative or inappropriate inputs and conversational digressions.

– OMNICHANNEL: Stay-in-Touch with users anywhere, anytime.

– DIGITAL VIEWS & FORMS: Enhanced User Experience with UI-rich elements.

– ENTERPRISE: Enterprise-Grade Features for quick and easy deployment.

2. Leena AI

Leena AI is a conversational AI platform provider that enables HRs and enterprises to transform their employees experiences. It offers customizable AI-powered HR virtual assistants that companies can use to optimize their multiple enterprise functions seamlessly. Leena AI Virtual Assistant is built for enterprises to provide an exceptional employee experience.

Leena AI virtual assistant elevates your employee experience:

– Decreases turnaround time for resolving employee issues by 50%.

– Buys more time for the employee facing teams to focus on critical areas.

– Reduces employees time to access important information by 90%.

Be ready for the future of employee experience:

– Enterprise help desk

Resolve all employee requests using a single virtual assistant. Empower your employee-facing teams with AI and make them more efficient.

Respond to routine employee queries in real-time via the virtual assistant. Empower your employee-facing teams with a centralized help desk to manage and resolve all employee cases in the most efficient way.

– Workflow builder

Create powerful employee journeys by connecting systems, processes, and tools using easy drag and drop workflows.

Automate any complex processes without the technical team’s intervention.  Connect your system with third-party platforms or applications and easily automate transactions.

– Employee onboarding

Ensure complete interdepartmental collaboration and automate the entire employee journey – preboarding, onboarding, transitions and offboarding.

Customize onboarding activities and IT onboarding for all stages of the new hires journey based on their geography, designation, etc. Engage new hires with meaningful interactions at different stages of the onboarding journey and reduce the number of dropouts.

– Employee engagement

Empower your employee experience teams with an AI-powered employee engagement solution and get real-time insights to take corrective action immediately.

Collect frequent feedback about employee sentiment, specific initiatives, or issues. Get real-time intelligent insights and action planning capability to drive employee engagement.

– Employee relationship management

Unify all employee touchpoints, interactions, and information to build long-term personalized employee relationships.

Keep a track of all employee interactions happening simultaneously over emails, messaging systems, face-to-face meetings, and phone calls. See all employee information on a unified platform that integrates with your employee engagement software, performance management system, leave management system, and L&D tools.

3. Conversica

Conversica‘s Revenue Digital Assistants™ (RDAs) supercharge workforces such as marketing, sales, and customer success teams to acquire untapped revenue through perfectly structured conversations.

With billions of human interactions spanning more than a decade, Conversica’s RDAs have learned to influence and persuade customers and prospects throughout the customer journey lifecycle. Unlike chatbots, Conversica RDAs are Powerfully Human and can hold meaningful conversations at every touchpoint to create brand loyalty and maximize every revenue opportunity. The result is increased operational efficiencies, reduced costs, and improved customer experiences.

Converting, retaining, and growing customers is hard at least, if you’re still doing things the old fashioned way. You need a Conversica Growth Workforce boosted with the power of AI to drive pipeline and convert customers like never before.

– Conversica’s Powerfully Human technology gives the dialogue a natural feel, mimicking the natural flow of human conversation rather than forcing contacts through rigid scripts.

– Find hidden revenue sitting right under your noses with human-like conversations that are delivered at the right time, right place, and right language every time.

– Multiply your resources with Revenue Digital Assistants that can be trusted to take on critical and time-consuming tasks autonomously.

Your Revenue Digital Assistant for Marketing Teams:

– Create hand-raisers out of your MQLs and lead stock by encouraging hidden interest with prompt, hyper-personalized conversations.

– Leave no lead behind. Maximize every opportunity with 100% coverage, uncovering untapped revenue without putting the pressure solely on your busy sales teams.

– Deliver conversation-qualified leads to sales to improve MQL quality and the relationship between sales and marketing.

Your Revenue Digital Assistant for Sales Teams:

– Engage, validate, and qualify 100% of prospects with personalized outreach to ensure no opportunity ever gets overlooked or underworked.

– Turn outbound into inbound. Revenue Digital Assistants warm target accounts, reactivate opportunities, and deliver hot leads directly to your sales team.

– Free sales to sell. Revenue Digital Assistants build a more robust pipeline and take away the monotony of qualifying each MQL and inbound request.

Your Revenue Digital Assistant for Customer Success Teams:

– Revenue Digital Assistants continually monitor performance, collect feedback, and leverage insights to improve customer health and retention.

– Go wide and deep with your customers. Consistently deliver the kind of one-to-one conversations you need to propel account growth.

– Give every customer white glove service. Grow advocates by staying in close contact from onboarding to expansion.

4. Liveperson

Liveperson‘s Conversational AI platform provides solutions for customer care, Conversational Commerce, voice solutions, and more. Conversational AI that’s anything but artificial, create meaningful and personalized connections with your customers while delivering real outcomes for your business.

Deliver intent-driven conversational experiences at scale, all through the power of AI and machine learning. Oh, and the Conversational Cloud unites your customer experience platforms across messaging, social, voice, email, sentiments and analytics. Start creating digital experiences with your customers that are Curiously Human.

– UNDERSTAND: Deepen your understanding of consumers so they feel seen, heard, and valued

Behind every customer text, email, or call is a unique human with unique needs. This purpose-built natural language understanding is built on data from billions of conversational interactions to power that understanding at scale.

– CONNECT: Make millions of conversations as personal as one with a single, holistic Conversational AI platform

Conversational Cloud offers a simpler way to manage and automate all consumer conversations—all in one place. Meet consumers whenever they need, wherever they are.

– OUTCOMES: Realize your brand’s potential to unlock new growth and better outcomes

The bottom line to raise your bottom line is to respond in kind. Turn routine consumer conversations into revenue-driving brand experiences. Bring certainty to uncertain moments, increasing customer satisfaction.


Accelerate your brand’s time to market with tools that help you build and optimize automations without an army of developers. With LivePerson’s award-winning AI suite, you get a better understanding of consumer intents, easily build AI-powered chatbots and automation flows to add efficiency, and manage everything in the Conversational Cloud.

Consumer and channels experience

Communicate with consumers in the same messaging channels they use to connect with friends and family. You can provide relevant, personalized content throughout the entire consumer journey, from Apple Messages for Business to Facebook Messenger, Google RCS, WhatsApp, your own app, and more.


Easily quantify your customer relationships to understand how people feel about your brand over time. A Sentiment Analytics report on customer satisfaction measurements like no other AI platform can.

Reporting and analytics

Respond to trends in the marketplace and benchmark against other brands in your vertical with out-of-the-box analytics that allow you to quickly understand and optimize your programs.

Agent and supervisor experience

Give customer support agents the power to quickly find answers and keep conversations on track. Plus, supervisors get the 360-degree view needed to coach agents, whether they are humans or AI-powered chatbots. It all combines to drive efficiency, effectiveness, and online sales conversions.

5. Ultimate

Ultimate is the highest rated ‘intelligent virtual assistant’ platform based on hundreds of real customer reviews. Automate and optimize every aspect of your customer support to cut costs, maximize productivity, and provide joyful customer experiences in 109 languages.

Up your efficiency without sacrificing CX, drive cost per interaction down and CSAT up with a custom-built virtual agent powered by conversational AI that:

– Automates 60% of customer requests across digital support channels

– Provides instant, 24/7 support in 109 languages

– Delivers instant, measurable ROI and cost savings

Seamless, speedy CRM integrations, plug Ultimate into your current CRM with just one click. The result? No data silos and a no-code automation platform your team will love. You’ll be streamlining support across chat, messaging, email, and social in no time.

Build a support center that pays for itself, turn your support team into a revenue driver with a virtual agent that automates repetitive requests. It will cut operational costs, maximize the ROI of the tech you already use, free up your agents to focus on complex cases that need a human touch, and improve CX to create lifelong, loyal customers.

Launch in less than 3 weeks and see rapid results, automation may seem complex, but set-up is easy. Onboarding is tailored to your company’s unique goals so you can get up and running fast. In a few short weeks, you’ll be providing better, faster, more joyful customer experiences and driving rapid results with customer service automation.

Fully connected, living in your tech stack. A unique headless approach means your virtual agent integrates into everything you already use, so it can fetch data from your CRM and other back-office systems, without disrupting your tech stack or creating data silos.

1 virtual agent, 109 languages. Support your customers globally and deliver personalized customer experiences at scale with an AI-powered virtual agent that can understand up to 109 languages from Arabic to Zulu.

AI tailored to your brand just like any new agent, a virtual agent needs to be trained to provide on-brand and efficient customer experiences. That’s why, using the most advanced AI for customer service, your virtual agent is 100% trained on your historical support data.

6. Hyro

Hyro provides organizations with virtual assistants to help manage traffic spikes across communications channels. A headache-free conversational AI.

Intent-based chatbots and IVRs are costing resources and hurting CSAT scores. Replace them with Hyro to converse easily, convert more and collect actionable customer insights across all digital channels.

– Unlock critical customer insights

Transform customer queries into an unfair competitive edge. Discover what customers are searching for, analyze key performing categories and uncover unfolding trends in real-time—so you can solve customer pain-points before and after they appear.

– Ditch the heavy-lifting & deploy in hours

Automate the launch process of conversational AI over any platform, service or device with unprecedented speed.

→ Seamless Deployment: No building platform. No predefined intents. Just plug & play. It will automatically enrich and embed your data without any taxing business efforts on your end.

→ Limitless Integrations: Land and expand. Easily add a conversational AI interface to all channels and mediums that your patients interact with, from your website to call center to Amazon Alexa and beyond.

→ Zero Maintenance: R&D-free is the way to be. Let us provide the elasticity and agility required to help you scale in record time. When your content updates, your conversations update.

– Replace bots that break with better conversational experiences

Switch to adaptive voice and text AI. Hyro’s knowledge graph automatically collects and enriches content from external data sources as well as your own. It’s the best of both worlds: strong machine learning and a Natural Language Understanding engine that let you deliver next-gen conversational experiences to guide your customers, keep them engaged, and increase conversions.

Better conversations begin with scraping, structuring and understanding data. The best conversations come from constantly improving that knowledge with real insights:

– Scrape: Hyro automatically scrapes a variety of data sources such as websites, databases, APIs and beyond. When content updates, conversations update.

– Understand: Natural language understanding layers create a strong foundation for processing all types of phrasings, attributes and context.

– Converse: Conversational AI interfaces, with text, touch and voice capabilities, are easily embedded across multiple channels.

7. Forethought

Forethought‘s mission is to unlock human potential through artificial intelligence, starting with transforming customer service on the leading AI platform for customer-first experiences.

Forethought AI assists your customer service agents with relevant knowledge articles, previous cases, and shortcuts to quickly process new cases.

Evolve your customer service with true AI, customers deserve more than a chatbot. Go beyond conversational AI to deliver experiences that delight at every stage of the customer journey.

– Simple customer questions deserve instant answers.

When customers have simple requests—for example, about product functionality or password resets—they would often rather self-service than talk with a customer support agent.

– Forethought Solve empowers customers to self-serve.

This AI resolves simple, repetitive tickets automatically, lowering customer wait times, enhancing self-service, and reducing ticket volume and backlog for agents.

– Categorizing and routing cases is costly and time-consuming.

Cases must be categorized, prioritized, and routed to the right support team if needed—a time-consuming manual process that too often results in a poor customer experience.

– Forethought Triage instantly predicts, prioritizes, and routes.

This AI accelerates first response time by using historical knowledge to predict ticket characteristics and detect sentiment and intent, then route to the right team.

– Service agents need relevant information and suggestions at their fingertips.

Your team has the collective knowledge, but it’s spread across systems, records, and notes. How can you tap into the right information at the right time?

– Forethought Assist turbocharges agent efficiency.

This AI surfaces past tickets about similar questions, other knowledge sources and productivity-saving shortcuts right within the agent’s help desk the moment they open a new case.

– See the whole picture.

Not only does this AI deliver a better experience for your customers and agents, it also delivers better metrics to you. With Forethought Discover, you’ll gain the data you need to make the right decisions and improve every customer interaction.

– The leading generative AI platform for customer support automation.

A generative AI platform is built differently from the ground up.

8. Moveworks

The Moveworks platform solves employee issues instantly, for every employee across every department, in every language. Powered by AI and machine learning, Moveworks serves up exactly what employees need in their native language.

– Every channel, every issue, every time.

Emails. Forms. Messages. No matter how employees ask for help, Moveworks intercepts the issue and gets to work.

Limitless support requests are solved simultaneously, without breaking a sweat.

– Unprecedented understanding.

Introducing the most advanced natural language understanding ever created for the enterprise.

Powered by Collective Learning, Moveworks figures out what employees need, no matter what language they speak or how complex their request.

– The chatbot that teaches itself.

Meet your new favorite student: Moveworks learns how your company works while on the job, without any teaching or training from you.

Its secret? A probabilistic AI decision engine that keeps pace as things change.

– White-glove support. Machine speed.

Employees want personalized help but they don’t want to wait.

Behind the scenes, Moveworks finds all the relevant people and resources, filling in the details without the delay.

You’ve never seen a chatbot like this.

– Conversation can’t be hard-coded.

Scripted conversations aren’t this platform’s style.

That’s why Moveworks generates responses on the fly, in any language with precise, powerful, and patented conversational AI.

– Not just talk.

Other chatbots talk to employees. Moveworks takes action.

Thanks to deep integrations with your entire tech stack, it fixes issues automatically. End to end.

– Days – Seconds

Patience is overrated. This chatbot makes disruptions disappear, letting your company work faster than the competition.

The days of waiting for support are officially over.

– It’s time to focus on what matters.

Talented employees shouldn’t be stuck doing busywork. AI is for that.

Moveworks frees people up to focus on meaningful projects with the world’s first platform dedicated to employee experience.

9. Exceed is an ai-driven virtual sales assistant that uses conversational AI and marketing automation to increase lead qualification and engagement.

Virtual Sales Assistants software uses conversational AI to work alongside your sales and marketing teams. Convert more leads and increase lead qualification to schedule more meetings using automated, personalized and contextual responses and follow-ups.

– Engage: Exceed’s AI sales assistant personably interacts with leads via an email or chat-like form on your website

– Assist and respond: It answers questions, handles objections, and responds to requests, while capturing data for your CRM

– Nurture: The assistant automates nurtures and intelligently follow-ups to guide leads through the funnel

– Qualify: Operating as a virtual SDR, these AI sales assistants can qualifies leads based on your playbook and through human-like conversations

– Handoff: Once qualified, the virtual sales assistant will seamlessly hand the leads to your sales reps for closing and even book a meeting in the calendar.

This software key features are:

– Artificial Intelligence

Understands leads’ replies when they have questions, show interest, have objections or when they are “out of office,” and responds accordingly.

– Automatically Updates your CRM

Updates your CRM with the latest status when leads are qualified, change jobs, leave their company, wrong person, or ask to be contacted later.

– Lead Qualification

Ask qualifying questions to identify if a lead is ‘sales ready’. A virtual SDR can automate the entire process for most businesses and then hand over the lead to a rep to close.

– Personalization

Uses firmographics and user profile data to tailor each conversation for each lead.

– Conversational Nurturing

AI virtual assistants are an automated lead follow up system that identifies a lead’s decision point in the journey and nurtures them according to their needs.

– Meeting Scheduler

Efficiently schedule meetings with leads by eliminating tedious back and forth communications so you can close more deals and convert more opportunities.

10. Espressive

Espressive Barista, an AI-based virtual support agent (VSA), incorporates advanced NLP and conversational AI to automate resolution of employee questions, issues, and requests with personalized responses that result in elimination of 70% of help tickets, enabling you to recoup 1.2 weeks of productivity per employee per year.

Effective Automation Requires a Comprehensive Approach:

– Highest Deflection Rate

The customers experience 50 to 70% ticket deflection.

– Enterprise Service Management

Barista delivers self-help across 14 departments in 107 languages.

– Employee Adoption Program

It helps you address change management to ensure success.

Barista provides employees with immediate answers, proactively notifies them of outages or other important events, and continues to interact with them throughout the entire lifecycle of their requests. Barista also helps guide employees through complex processes with ease, such as new hire onboarding, password reset, vacation requests, and more.

Barista enables help desk agents to focus on what matters most by automatically answering questions and resolving issues for employees. If Barista opens a case, it is prioritized and routed to the right team with context. When outages occur, Barista automates detection and notification, and categorizes outage related tickets to a parent. Barista also simplifies catalog creation.

Barista changes everything, with exceptional Employee Experiences. What does it mean when you are able to achieve employee adoption rates of 80 to 85% and reduce help desk call volume by 50 to 70%? Here’s what it means to the CIO:

– Moving budget from answering questions to strategic programs.

– Furthering the AI initiative for your enterprise.

– Inheriting AI talent that you didn’t have to hire.

– Improving the perception of IT enterprise wide.

– Significantly reducing mean time to resolve (MTTR).

Unlike other competitors who provide a toolkit for building dialogue trees that require AI experts and linguists to develop, Barista comes out of the box with an Employee Language Cloud that includes an extensive vocabulary tailored to the workplace so that Barista can speak the language of the employee from day one.

Barista is literally capable of understanding billions of phrases without any customer input and then learns on the fly with each and every employee experience to get even smarter over time. And because enterprises are global, Barista is multi-lingual so your help desk doesn’t need to be.


Artificial Intelligence powered intelligent virtual assistants will continue making progress in the foreseeable future, they are the future of an efficient workplace. If you don’t have a virtual assistant yet, it’s the time to explore one from list above.